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Internet of Things
Microsoft Services

Making sure we get you to a solid state.

We provide an array of services for both business IT solutions and home computer use.

Hardware Replacement

Circuit Board

Do you need a new hard drive in your computer? How about more RAM in your business server. Lucky for you Solid State Tech Services has you covered. Not only can we replace your hardware but we can advise you on what else should be replaced. Or how other replacement parts would affect the over build of the server or PC.

Software Updates


Solid State offers weekly or monthly updates for windows and other standard programs like Java or Adobe. If you have some business software that needs a new release installed or update we also have you covered.

Security Management


Are some viruses slowing down your PC. Worried about some sensitive data for your business. We currently offer Webroot antivirus protection for your business needs. If that is not enough protection for you we provide virus scans, deep cleans, and security consolations to make sure your personal data is secure.

IT Consulting


Wondering how to take your business to the next level. Have a few security questions? Wondering what computer parts to get? Either way Solid State has you covered. From person computing to Enterprise grade solutions your covered. Our consulting covers from hardware to software.

Server Management

Server Installation

Servers running slow? Need to build out a new environment for your business? From server installs to server management we have your back. 

Backup Management


Solid State is more then happy to backup your sensitive or company data. We offer various backup solutions from cloud to on-premise. One the service is in place we even off to test the backups to make sure they are working properly for when you need them. Making sure the solution does not only fit your business but counts when it matters most.

Cyber Security Training


Are you worried about viruses, Ransomware, or have general questions about best practices for your business? Solid State can help. We can provide in person or over the web training on key issues in the IT field such as Social Engineering, Phishing scams, Data backup best practices, and other risk management solutions within this sphere. 

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